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PPX-2005 - (0~36V/0~1A/ 36W) Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply

(0~36V/0~1A/ 36W) Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply

GW Instek

Category : DC Power Supplies

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The PPX-Series programmable high-precision DC power supplies include six models; PPX-1005(10V/5A/50W), PPX- 2002(20V/2A/40W), PPX-2005(20V/5A/100W) ), PPX-3601(36V/1A/36W), PPX-3603(36V/3A/108W), and PPX- 10H01(100V/1A/100W). This series has the output low noise (0.35mVrms) and fast transient response characteristics (<50μs) of conventional linear power supplies. It also provides constant voltage and constant current priority output modes, and the series can also set the voltage and current rising/falling slew rates separately, and the delay time for the output to be turned on and off.

The PPX-Series has four current levels and two voltage levels to provide users with high-precision measurements, and via the Data Logger function, the measurement records can be stored in the USB for long-term measurement and recording of IoT devices, portable devices, wearable devices, and sensor components.

In order to extend the use time of portable devices and wearable devices, manufacturers are not only committed to improving the operating efficiency of the circuit, but also reducing standby power consumption as much as possible. In order to satisfy users’ low-power measurement applications, GW Instek has launched the PPX-Series with current measurement resolutions (0.1μA, 1μA, 10μA, 0.1mA) and voltage measurement resolutions (0.1mV, 1mV) to provide power for portable devices and wearable devices. When the device enters the sleep mode or the standby mode, the PPX series can still measure the subtle current changes of the DUT.

The PPX-Sseries provides the Test Sequence function, which allows users to arbitrarily define output waveforms. The voltage rising or falling time and the voltage maintenance time of each step can be set. For the operation, users can directly edit parameters on the front panel of the PPX-Series, or the CSV file can be edited via computer and imported into the PPX- Series, and the PPX-Series can be remotely edited. In addition, the OCP Delay function of the PPX-Series allows users to flexibly adjust the time to enable the over-current protection according to the characteristics of the DUT to protect the DUT and at the same time to test the current change of the DUT within a certain period of time.

Other than voltage, current, and power measurement, the PPX-Series also supports temperature measurement. While collocating with a K Type Thermocouple, the temperature range can be measured from -200°C ~ +1372°C. Supported standard communication interfaces include USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485 and optional GPIB interface.


Display Mode

Voltage and Current

Voltage, Current and Wattage

Voltage, Current and Sequence Test

Voltage, Current and Temperature Measurement

The PPX-Series has four display modes, namely 1) voltage and current 2) voltage, current and wattage 3) voltage, current and Sequence Test 4)voltage, current and temperature measurement, which are convenient for users to switch to different display modes according to test requirements.


Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing Connection Diagram

The Remote Sensing function can be used to compensate for the voltage drop caused by the resistance on the test connection lead from the power output to the load. PPX-1005/2002/2005/3601/3603 compensates for voltages up to 1 volt, and PPX-10H01 compensates for voltages up to 3 volts. When testing, choose a test connection lead with a voltage drop less than the compensation voltage of the PPX series as much as possible.

Temperature Measurement

Blue: Temperature Control on with no GTL-205A Connected

Green: Output Safe is Activated and Output is on with GTL-205A Connected

White: Temperature Control on with GTL-205A Connected

Red: The Alarm of Short Circuit Occurs From Temperature Measurement

The PPX-Series can measure DUT temperature while outputting power. Before measuring the temperature, please use the optional accessory GTL-205A (temperature probe adapter with K-type thermocouple) to connect the DUT and TC input terminals on the front panel of the PPX-Series respectively. During the measurement process, users can set the monitoring temperature for the DUT. Once the measurement temperature reaches the monitoring temperature value, the PPX-Series will stop the output. The PPX-Series can measure the temperature range of -200.0°C~1372.0°C (-328.0°F~2501.6 °F). Users can choose the display unit as °C or °F according to the requirement.


Data Logger

Data Logger Function

Save Data Log Into USB Disk

The PPX-Series can record the measured voltage, current and temperature data to a USB flash drive or can be remotely controlled to read the data. Data sampling interval is 0.1~999.9 seconds.


Sequence Test

SEQ Run in Cycle Mode

SEQ Stop in Cycle Mode

The Sequence Test function allows users to plan the PPX-Series to execute a sequential power output. The PPX-Series will automatically execute the planned power output to the DUT to realize automated measurement. The PPX-Series can store 10 sets of edited Test Scripts in the internal memory, and can also be connected to a USB flash drive to store Test Scripts in the USB flash drive.


V/I Slew Rate

Model R_V Slew Rate/ F_V Slew Rate Setting Range
PPX-1005 0.0001V/ms ~ 0.1V/ms
PPX-2002 0.0001V/ms ~ 0.2V/ms
PPX-2005 0.0001V/ms ~ 0.2V/ms
PPX-3601 0.0001V/ms ~ 0.36V/ms
PPX-3603 0.0001V/ms ~ 0.36V/ms
PPX-10H01 0.001V/ms ~ 0.5V/ms

Voltage Rising/Falling Slew Rate

The PPX-Series can adjust the slew rate of current and voltage. Via setting the rising and falling time of voltage and current, users can verify the performance of the DUT during the voltage/current changes. In addition, the adjustment of the slew rate slows down the voltage transfer, which can effectively avoid the damage of the inrush current to the DUT, therefore, the series is especially suitable for the testing of capacitive loads and motors.


Analog Remote Control

External Control of Output

The PPX-Series supports the analog control function, including external voltage to control voltage output/current output, external resistance to control voltage output/current output, external control of power output, trigger input/trigger output, and voltage/current monitoring.


Panel Introduction

  1. Panel Display
  2. Display Switch Key
  3. Knob
  4. Output /key
  5. Power Switch
  6. Front Panel Output
  7. Thermocouple Input Terminal 8. Voltage Compensation Terminal 9. USB Flash Port
  8. Remote-IN
  9. GPIB Interface
  10. Analog Control Interface
  11. AC Input Socket
  12. USB Interface
  13. LAN Interface
  14. Remote-OUT


Multiple Unit Connection

Multiple Unit Connection

The PPX-Series can connect up to 31 units. The PC is connected to the first unit of PPX through GTL-260, and the remaining PPX units are connected in a daisy-chained method via GTL-262. When using PPX-Series Multiple Unit Connection for remote program control and slave expansion, there is no need to use other remote control equipment (E.g. switch/Hub), which can help users save equipment purchase costs.

  • CV, CC priority start function.
  • Four levels of current measurement resolution (min. 0.1μA) / two levels of voltage measurement resolution (min. 0.1mV)
  • Power output ON/OFF delay function
  • Adjustable voltage and current slew rate
  • Bleeder circuit control
  • Delayed over-current protection(OCP Delay)
  • Sequential power output function
  • Remote Sensing function
  • Data Logger
  • 10 sets of memory function
  • Over voltage protection, under voltage limit, over current protection, over temperature protection, AC alarm function
  • Supports K Type thermocouple temperature measurement
  • Interfaces: USB, LAN, RS-232, RS-485, Analog Control; Opt: GPIB
  • Size: 3U high, in line with 1/4 Rack



Withstand voltage
Between output and chassis500 Vdc, 100MΩ or more
Between input and output500 Vdc, 100MΩ or more
Between input and chassis500 Vdc, 100MΩ or more
Between output and chassisNo abnormalities at 500 Vdc for 1 minute.
Between input and chassisNo abnormalities at 3000 Vac for 1 minute.
SafetyComplies with the European Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU and carries the CE-marking.
EMCComplies with the European EMC directive 2014/30/EU for Class A test and measurement products.
AltitudeMaximum 2000m
Storage Humidity20% to 85% RH; No condensation
Operating humidity20% to 80% RH; No condensation
Storage Temperature-20 ̊C to 70 ̊C
Operating Temperature0 ̊C to 40 ̊C
Dimensions (mm) & Weight107(W)×124(H)×313(D) (not including protrusions),Approx. 5.5kg


Input Ratings (AC RMS)

Max. Power Consumption150VA
Max. Inrush Current35Amax or less
Input Frequency Range47Hz to 63Hz
Nominal Input Voltage *1100Vac / 120Vac / 220Vac / 240Vac(±10%), 50Hz / 60Hz, single phase

*1. Before connecting the power plug to an AC line outlet, make sure the voltage selector switches of the bottom panel in the correct position. It might be damaged the instrument by connecting to the wrong AC line voltage.



RS-232/RS-485Complies with the EIA-RS-232/RS-485 specifications (excluding the connector)
USBType A: Host, Type B: Slave, Speed: 1.1/2.0, USB-CDC
LANMAC Address, DNS IP Address, User Password, Gateway IP Address, Instrument IP Address, Subnet Mask



Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
OperationTurns the output off, displays OTP and lights ALARM
Over Current Protection (OCP)
Setting Accuracy±(1% of rating)
Setting range0.05A to 1.1A (5% to 110% of the rated output current)
OperationTurns the output off, displays OCP and lights ALARM
Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
Setting range1.8V to 39.6V (5% to 110% of the rated output voltage)
OperationTurns the output off, displays OVP and lights ALARM


Temperature Measurement

Temperature (K-Type Thermocouple)
Accuracy±(0.5% + 2°C)


Measurement and Display

Measurement Accuracy
Temperature Coefficient *1 (TYP.)200 ppm/°C
Current (L/LL)±(0.1% of rdg + 16μA)
Current (H/M)±(0.05% of rdg + 0.4mA)
Temperature Coefficient *1 (TYP.)100 ppm/°C
Voltage (H/L)±(0.03% of rdg +6mV)
Measurement Resolution
Current (LL)0.0001mA
Current (L)0.001mA
Current (M)0.01mA
Current (H)0.1mA
Voltage (L)0.1mV
Voltage (H)1mV
Current Range
Voltage Range

*1. Temperature coefficient: after a 30 minute warm-up.


Constant Current Operation

Temperature Coefficient (TYP.) *6200 ppm/°C
Setting Accuracy (23°C± 5°C)±(0.05% of setting + 0.5mA)
Setting Resolution0.02mA
Setting Range (105%)0A to 1.050A
Ripple & Noise (Arms*2)400uA
Load Regulation*9±(0.02% of setting + 50uA)
Line Regulation*7±(0.02% of setting + 50uA)

*9. For load voltage change, equal to the unit voltage rating, constant AC input voltage.
*7. At 90~110Vac or 108~132Vac or 198~242Vac or 216~264Vac, constant load.
*6. Temperature coefficient: after a 30 minute warm-up.
*2. Measurement frequency bandwidth is 5 Hz to 1 MHz.


Constant Voltage Operation

Temperature Coefficient (TYP.) *6100 ppm/°C
Maximum Remote Sensing Compensation Voltage (single line)1V
Setting Accuracy (23°C± 5°C)±(0.03% of setting + 8mV)
Setting Resolution1mV
Setting Range (105%)0V to 37.8V
Fall Time*5
No Load150ms or less
Rated Load20ms or less
Rise Time*4
No Load50ms or less
Rated Load50ms or less
Ripple& Noise (Vrms*2/ Vpp*3)0.8mVrms/ <10mV Vpp
Transient Response *1<50us
Load Regulation*8±(0.01% of setting + 3mV)
Line regulation*7±(0.01% of setting + 3mV)

*8. From No-load to Full-load, constant AC input voltage. Make sure that test leads and output terminals are well connected. It is suggested that utilize 4-wire connection when European terminal output models are employed.
*7. At 90~110Vac or 108~132Vac or 198~242Vac or 216~264Vac, constant load.
*6. Temperature coefficient: after a 30 minute warm-up.
*5. From 90%~10% of rated output voltage, with rated resistive load.
*4. From 10%~90% of rated output voltage, with rated resistive load.
*3. Measurement frequency bandwidth is 10 Hz to 20 MHz.
*2. Measurement frequency bandwidth is 5 Hz to 1 MHz.
*1. Time for output voltage to recover within ±(0.1% + 10mV) of its rated output for a load change from 50% to 100% of its rated output current.


DC Output Mode

Output Power36W
Output Current1.0000A
Output Voltage36.000V

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