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PFR-100LGL - Fanless Multi-Range with GPIB and LAN

Fanless Multi-Range with GPIB and LAN

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The PFR-100 series, a small and high-performance programmable D.C. power supply, adopts natural convection design to dissipate heat. The fanless structure allows users to focus on their experiments and tests in a quiet environment. Fanless power supply will not suck in dust and foreign objects, therefore, PFR-100 series has a longer life cycle compared with that of power supplies with fan.

The PFR-100 series is a power supply with a five-fold rated power that allows users to self-define voltage and current under rated power conditions so as to satisfy them with wider voltage and current operational ranges. PFR-100 series, with rated 100W, provides two models: PFR-100L- maximum output voltage of 50V (at 2A) or maximum output current of 10A (at 10V); PFR-100Mmaximum output voltage of 250V (at 0.4A) or maximum output current of 2A (at 50V).

The PFR-100 series provides front and rear panel output terminals. The front panel output terminal helps users shorten test lead replacement time while conducting adjustment on front panel's function keys. The rear panel output terminal facilitates an easy wiring operation for rackmount assembly. 3U height, 70mm width and 2.5KG in weight have greatly elevated PFR-100 series portability. Furthermore, the multi-drop mode allows users to control up to 31 PFR-100 series without using switch/Hub that help users save the equipment cost.

 The LAN interface for PFR-100 is Ethernet port. PFR-100 also has a built-in web server and intuitive user interface. Users, via general browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Android cellular phones, can monitor PFR-100's test and measurement anywhere. Users not only can remotely monitor PFR-100 via internet, but also remotely observe and adjust their operating PFR-100s in the lab from your home. The outputs of PFR-100 series can be monitored including OVP, OCP, UVL; and the system information can be checked such as unit's serial number, firmware edition and internet setting. Users can remotely adjust PFR-100 settings, including output voltage/current, the slew rate for voltage/current, Bleeder circuit control, OCP, delayed time for output voltage and Buzzer settings.

The PFR-100 series provides special functionalities to meet test requirements for different load's characteristics. The CC priority mode can be applied for DUTs with diode characteristics to prevent DUT from being damaged by inrush current. A slow rise time for voltage can also protect DUT from inrush current, especially for tests on capacitive load. When power is off or load is disconnected, the activation of Bleeder circuit control will allow the bleeder resistor to consume filter capacitor's electricity. Without the bleed resistor, power supply's filter capacitor may still have electricity that is a potential hazard. For automatic testing equipment systems, the bleeder resistor allows PFR-100 series to rapidly discharge to prepare itself for the next operation.

Model PRF-100L PFR-100M
Output Channel 1 1
Output Voltage 0~50V 0~250V
Output Current 0~10A 0~2A
Rated Power 100W 100W


C.V./C.C. Priority Mode

Under the conventional C.V. mode, inrush current and surge voltage appeared at forward voltage(vf) of LED

Under C.C. priority mode, inrush and surge voltage are effecively restrained.

Under the application conditions of diode load, conventional power supplies under the C.V priority mode will produce inrush current and surge voltage at turn-on. The PFR-100 series has C.V and C.C priority modes. The C.C priority mode can prevent inrush current and surge voltage from occurring at turn-on to protect DUT 


Adjustable Slew Rate

Adjustable Voltage Slew Rate

Voltage Slew Rate
0.1V~100.0V/sec (PFR-100L)
0.1V~500.0V/sec (PFR-100M)

Adjustable Current Slew Rate

Current Slew Rate
0.01A~20.00A/sec (PFR-100L)
0.001A~4.000A/sec (PFR-100M)

The PFR-100 series can adjust slew rate for current and voltage. Via setting the rise and fall time of voltage and current, users can verify DUT's characteristics during voltage and  current variation. Additionally, slew rate adjustment can mitigate voltage shift to effectively prevent DUT from being damaged by inrush current. This function is ideal for tests such as capacitive load and motor. 


Web Server Remote Control Function

Users, via general browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Android cellular phones, can monitor PFR-100's test and measurement anywhere. Users not only can remotely monitor PFR-100 via internet, but also remotely observe and adjust your operating PFR-100 in the lab from your home. The outputs of PFR100 can be monitored including OVP, OCP, UVL; and system information can be checked such as unit's serial number, firmware edition and internet setting. Users can remotely adjust PFR-100 settings, including output voltage/current, the slew rate for voltage/current, Bleed circuit control, OCP, delayed time for output voltage and Buzzer settings.


Bleeder Circuit Control

PFR-100 Series Bleeder Circuit

The PFR-100 series power supply has a bleeder circuit control which is in parallel with the output terminal. When power is off or load is disconnected, the bleed resistor will consume electricity from the filter capacitor. Without a bleed resistor, the filter capacitor of power could still be charged with electricity that poses a potential danger. In addition, for ATE system, bleed resistor allows the PFR-100 series to bleed current rapidly so as to prepare itself for the next operation.


Remote Program Control (up to 31 Units Connection)

Provide USB, GPIB and LAN for PC to remote control Master PFR-100. RJ-45 connector on the rear panel can connect up to 31 units. LAN or USB remote control and augmenting slave units by using the multi-drop mode will no longer need any switch/hub that can help customers save equipment costs.


External Analog Control Function

External Voltage Controls Voltage Range

External Resistance Controls Voltage Range

External ON-OFF To Control Output, ON or OFF


Output ON/OFF Delay

An Example of Output On/Off Delay Control Among Multiple Outputs of the PFR-100 units

The Output On/Off delay feature enables the setting of a specific time delay for output on after the power supply output is turned on, and a specific time delay for output off after the power supply output is turned off. When multiple PFR-100 units are used, the The diagram above shows typical connection methods for external control applications. For more detailed connection information please refer to user manual.

On/Off delay time of each unit can be set respectively referring to fix time points. This multiple-output control can be done through the analog control terminal at rear panel or through the PC programming with standard commands.


Using the Rack Mount Kit

GRA-431-E (EIA) Rack Mount Kit

GRA-431-J (JIS) Rack Mount Kit

The Rack Mount Kits of the PFR-100 Series support both EIA and JIS standards. A standard rack can accommodate 5 units of PFR-100.

  • Constant Power Output for 5 Times Multi-range(V&I) Operation
  • Natural Convection Cooling Design (Fanless Structure)
  • Preset Memory Function
  • Output ON/OFF Delay Function
  • CV, CC Priority Mode
  • Adjustable Slew Rate For Voltage and Current
  • Bleeder Circuit Control
  • Protections: OVP, OCP, AC FAIL and OTP
  • Support Front and Rear Panel Output
  • Built-in USB and RS-232/485 Interface Optional LAN+GPIB
  • Web Server Monitoring and Control
  • External Analog Control and Monitor Function
  • Remote Sensing Function

Output Rating

Rated Output Voltage50V
Rated Output Current10A
Rated Output Power100W


Load Regulation (*2)10mV
Line Regulation (*1)3mV


Load Regulation (*9)10mA
Line Regulation (*1)8mA

Ripple & Noise (*3)

Vp-p (*4)50mV
A r.m.s.10mA

Programming Accuracy

Voltage 0.1% of setting +40mV
Current 0.2% of setting +20mA

Measurement Accuracy

Voltage 0.1% of reading +40mV
Current 0.2% of reading +20mA

Response Time

Rise Time (*6) Rated load50ms
Fall Time (*7) Rated load100ms
no load500ms
Transient Response Time (*8) No load1.5ms

Programming Resolution


Measurement Resolution


Protection Function

Over Voltage Protection (OVP) Setting range5~55V
Over Current Protection (OCP) Setting range1~11A
Under Voltage Limit (UVL) Setting range0~52.5V
Over Temperature Protection (OTP) OperationTurn the output off.
Low AC Input Protection (AC-Fail) OperationTurn the output off.
Power Limit (Power Limit) OperationTurn the output off.

Front Panel Display Accuracy, 4 Digits

Voltage 0.1% of reading +40mV
Current 0.2% of reading + 20mA

Environment Condition

Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to 70°C
Operating Humidity20% to 80% RH; No condensation
Storage Humidity20% to 85% RH; No condensation

Readback Temp. Coefficient (After A 30 Minute Warm-up)



Analog ControlYes
InterfaceUSB, RS-232/RS-485; Factory option: LAN/GPIB
AC Input85~265VAC, 47~63Hz, single phase
Dimensions & Weight70(W) x 124(H) x 300(D)mm; Approx.2.5kg

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