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GBS-1074 - 4-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

 4-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope

GW Instek

Category : Digital Oscilloscopes

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This product has been discontinued.

The GBS‐1000 series, an economical selection of the four‐channel DSO, offers three frequency ranges including 200,100, and 70MHz, real time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s, equivalent time sampling rate of 25GSa/s and 25k points memory depth.

The GBS‐1000 series has numerous features including 5.7” TFT color LCD display, 27 automatic measurements, FFT and FFTrms tests, 12‐graticule horizontal display, Go/NoGo for predefined conditions, and flexible interface selections such as USB and RS 232. By using the USB interface, users can save waveform images and waveform data as well as carry out waveform printout. The diversified features have made the
GBS‐1000 series the valuable choice of the economical four‐channel oscilloscope.


Signal Acquisition

The GBS‐1000 series features real time sampling rate of 1GSa/s and equivalent time sampling rate of 25GSa/s. The three built‐in signal acquisition methods are normal, peak detect and average. The flexible trigger type selections comprise edge, video (NTSC, PAL, SECAM) and pulse width. The trigger modes of edge and pulse include auto, normal and single.

25k Points Waveform Memory Depth

Oscilloscopes with long memory facilitate users to retrieve more waveform data in a certain period of time. The GBS‐1000 series, with 25k points memory depth, allows users to meticulously observe signals. Users, via the Acquire function of the GBS‐1000 series, can select 25k or 500 points memory depth to analyze complex waveforms or acquire fast updated waveforms.

Measurement Functions

The GBS‐1000 series provides 27 automatic measurement selections including voltage, period and time delay. Each channel can execute 5 measurement items simultaneously. 10 measurement results of two channels combined can be shown on the screen at the same time. All measurement results displaying on the screen allow users to efficiently observe all measurement parameters so as to better interpret
signals. Once the cursor function is on, the measurement target will be the signal within the cursor. After pressing Menu Off key, the measurement information will still be shown on the screen.

Complete vertical and horizontal expansion function

Users, via the GBS‐1000 series, can either select GND or the center of the signal to execute vertical expansion. Either the center of the signal or the vertical trigger point can be selected to carry out horizontal expansion. A sound signal expansion selection facilitates users to expand required signals for a detailed observation of signal trigger points.

Data Log

The data log function allows users to continuously record waveform data in a USB flash drive. After presetting time, interval and format for data recording the data log function will automatically record signals, which met trigger conditions. This function facilitates waveform recording for a long period of time that is beneficial to the observation and measurement result analysis afterwards.

Go/NoGo Test

The Go/NoGo function verifies whether or not the input signals are consistent with users’ preset conditions. Users have to preset waveform reference and signal conditions to activate Go/NoGo function and the Go or NoGo result will be shown on the screen instantly. Once the result is NoGo the GBS‐1000 will be sounding a buzz or sending out a control signal through the BNC output interface on the rear panel.

  • 70MHz Bandwidth Range
  • 1GSa/s Real-time Sampling Rate and 25k Points Memory Depth
  • 25GSa/s Equivalent Time Sampling Rate
  • 2mV /div to 5V/div of Vertical Range
  • 5ns/div to 10s/div of Time Base Range
  • 5.7 inch TFT LCD Display
  • Data Log
  • USB Host port:flash drive storage and Pictbridge-compatible printer
  • USB Device port:PC remote control
  • 27 Automatic Measurement Functions offer Direct Measurement Readings
  • FFT and FFTrms Computing Provides the Frequency Domain Analysis



Channels 4
Bandwith DC ~ 70MHz (‐3dB)
Rise Time 5 ns Approx.
Sensitivity 2mV/div ~ 5V/div (1‐2‐5 increments)
Accuracy ±(3% x |Readout|+0.05 div x Volts/div+0.8mV)
Input Coupling AC, DC & Ground
Input Impedance 1MΩ±2%, ~16pF
Polarity Normal & Invert
Maximum Input 300V (DC+AC peak), CATII
Waveform Signal Process + , ‐ , X ,FFT ,FFTrms
Offset Range 2mV/div ~ 20mV/div : ±0.5V 50mV/div ~ 200mV/div : ±5V 500mV/div ~ 2V/div : ±50V 5V/div : ±300V
Bandwidth Limit 20MHz (‐3dB)
Sources CH1 , CH2 , CH3 , CH4 , Line
Types Edge ,Video ,Pulse
Modes Auto‐Level ,Auto, Normal, Single
Video trigger standard SECAM ,PAL ,NTSC
Coupling AC , DC , LF rej. , HF rej. , Noise rej.
Sensitivity DC ~ 25MHz : Approx. 0.5div or 5mV 25MHz ~70/100/ 200MHz : Approx. 1div or 10mV
Range 1ns/div ~ 10s/div (1‐2‐5 increments) ROLL : 250ms/div ~ 10s/div
Modes Main, Window, Window Zoom, Roll, Scan, X‐Y
Accuracy ±0.01%
Pre-Trigger 20 div maximum
Post-Trigger 1000 div
X-Y Mode
X‐Axis Input Channel 1
Y‐Axis Input Channel 2 or Channel 3 or Channel 4
Phase Shift ±3° at 100kHz
Signal Acquisition
Real‐Time Sample Rate 1GSa/s maximum
Equivalent Sample Rate 25GSa/s maximum
Vertical Resolution 8 Bits
Record Length 25K Points maximum
Acquisition Mode Normal, Peak Detect, Average
Peak Detection 10ns
Average 2 , 4 , 8 , 16 , 32 , 64 , 128 , 256
Cursors and Measurement
Voltage Measurement Vpp , Vamp , Vavg , Vrms , Vhi , Vlo , Vmax , Vmin , Rise Preshoot/Overshoot , Fall Preshoot/Overshoot
Time Measurement Freq , Period , Rise Time , Fall Time , Positive Width , Negative Width , Duty Cycle
Delay Measurement Eight types of delay measurement
Cursors Measurement Voltage difference between cursors (ΔV) Time difference between cursors (ΔT)
Auto Counter Resolution : 6 digits Accuracy : ±2% Signal Source: All available trigger source except the Video trigger mode
Control Panel Function
Autoset Automatically adjusts Vertical VOLTS/DIV, Horizontal TIME/DIV, and Trigger level
Save Setup Up to 20 sets of measurement conditions
Save Waveform 24 sets of waveform
TFT LCD Type 5.7 inch
Display Resolution 234 (Vertically) x 320 (Horizontally) Dots
Display Graticule 8 x 10 divisions ; 8 x 12 divisions (menu off)
Display Brightness Adjustable
Go/NoGo Output 5V Maximum/10mA TTL Open Collector Output
RS‐232 Interface DB 9‐pin male DTE RS‐232 interface
GPIB Interface (Option) Fully programmable with IEEE 488.2 compliance
USB USB Host/Device 2.0 full speed supported
Power Source
Line Voltage Range AC 100V ~ 240V , 48Hz ~ 63Hz , Auto selection
Multi‐Language Menu Available
Online Help Available
Data Log Available
Time Clock Time and Date, Provide the Date/Time for saved data
Dimensions & Weight
310(W) x 142(H) X 254(D)mm; Approx. 4.3kg


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