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PSB-2400L2 - 800W Multi-Range, 2-Channel, Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply

800W Multi-Range, 2-Channel, Programmable Switching D.C. Power Supply

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The PSB-2000 series, which is a high power density, programmable and multi-range output DC power supply. There are six models in the series including one power booster unit. The PSB-2000 series has the output voltage of 0~80V and 0~800V, and the output power ranges of 0~400W and 0~800W. The multi-range output functionality facilitates flexible collocations of higher voltage and larger current under the rated power range. Both series and parallel connections can be applied to the PSB-2000 series to fulfill the requirements of higher power output range.

The PSB-2000 series provides three sets of preset function keys to memorize regularly used settings of voltage, current and power that users can recall rapidly. The sequence function, via RS232C, USB interface or optional GPIB interface, can connect with the computer to produce output power defined by sequence of a series of set voltage and current steps that are defined by the computer. This function is often used to establish a standard test procedure for the verification of the influence on DUTs done by the swiftly changing operating conditions.

The PSB-2000 series protects over voltage and over current. The power supply output function will be shut down to protect DUTs while the protection mechanism is triggered to function. When conducting battery charging operation, the Hi-W mode of thePSB-2000 series will prevent reverse current from damaging power supply. The PSB-2000 series provides analog control and analog monitor interfaces on the rear panel to control PSB-2000 output via the external voltage or to externally monitor voltage and current output status of power supply. PSB-2000 panel can be rotated 90 degree angle suitable for vertical or horizontal position to accommodate the ideal space utilization.


Multi-range Output Operation

Compared with the maximum power output of the conventional power supply that is calculated by the maximum output coltage multiplies by the maximum output current, the PSB-2000 series, defying the formula, has a unique characteristic of mylti-range output (voltage and current). This distinguishing feature, under the same maximum power output range, can output a higher voltage with a smaller current and vice versa. For instance for a conventional power supply with a maximum power output of 360W, the maximum voltage and current outputs are likely to be 10V and 36A respectively. Comparatively, PSB-2004L, with the maximum power output of 400W, procides voltage and current output ranges of 0~80V and 0~40A. The maximum current of 5A will be provided when the voltage reaches 80V and the maximum voltage of 10V for the maximum current 40A. PSB-2400L, breaking the limitation of Pmax = Vmax x Imax, broadens and current application ranges. The following diagrams illustrate the voltage and current comparison between the multi-range output power supply and the conventional power supply.


Products in the Series

There are six models in the PSB-2000 series. Model type, output voltage, output current and output power are as follows:

Model Number PSB-2400L PSB-2800L PSB-2400L2 PSB-2400H PSB-2800H PSB-2800LS*
Channel Number 1 1 2 1 1 N/A
Voltage Rating** 0~80V 0~80V 0~80V x 2 0~800V 0~800V 80V
Current Ratting*** 0~40A 0~80A 0~40A x 2 0~3A 0~6A 80A
Output Power(Max.) 400W 800W 800W 400W 800W 800W
  1. PSB-2800LS, a booster unit acting as slave to extend current, can not operate alone. It must operate with PSB-2800L master.
  2. The maximum current under the highest output voltage is power/voltage. For instance, when PSB-2400L outputs 80V the maximum current is 400(W) ÷ 80(V) = 5(A).
  3. Same as above. When PSB2400L outputs 40A the highest voltage is 400(W) ÷ 40(A) = 10(V).


Series and Parallel Connections

Model Number PSB-2400L PSB-2800L PSB-2400L2 PSB-2400H PSB-2800H PSB-2800LS*
Channel Number 1 1 2 1 1 For PSB-2800L Only
Series Operation Up to 2 Units Up to 2 Units Up to 2 Units N/A N/A
Parallel Operation Up to 4 Units Up to 4 Units N/A Up to 2 Units Up to 2 Units
Parrallel with booster PSB-2400L N/A Up to 4 Units N/A N/A N/A

 Hence, the PSB-2000 series, with its multi-range output function and the power extension capability of series and parallel connections, is the high power density and high performance to cost ratio DC power supply, which provides a wider range of power applications for any limited equipment space. The PSB-2000 series is an ideal selection for testing DC power supply module, automobile lithium and lithium iron battery and electronic parts.


Series connection

Parallel connection

Preset function

The PSB-2000 series provides three sets of parameter preset function keys on the front panel and each parameter preset memory includes output voltage, output current and output power. Users can speedily recall frequently used settings through operating the front panel preset keys to store everyday settings.


Sequence Function

When applying sequence function, the computer must first edit a series of steps defined by different voltage, current and duration, which, in CSV format, will be sent to PSB-2000 memory via RS-232C, USB interface or GPIB interface (optional) to periodically produce a series of steps defined by different voltage, current and duration. The minimum time for each sequence is set to one second and the maximum number of step is 100. This function is to test the impact of DUTs done by the rapidly changing power supply. The reliability test of electronics products toward changing power supply is one of the very important verification items.

Example for the sequence operation


OVP and OCP Functions

When the voltage and current outputs exceed the preset conditions, the PSB-2000 series will shut down the output function to prevent DUTs from damaging. The OVP and OCP protection level can be set to 10%〜110% of the rated voltage or current and the preset condition is 110% of the rated voltage and current.


Hi-Ω mode to prevent reverse current from damaging DUTs

 When conducting battery charging tests, the conventional power supply must connect a reverse diode to its output port to prevent reverse current from damaging DUTs. However, it is very difficult to obtain diodes for higher current. PSB-2000 uses HI- mode to isolate reverse current from flowing into power supply so as to prevent reverse current from damaging DUTs.


90 Degree Angle Rotatable Control Panel

Taking working space utilization into consideration, PSB-2000 can be placed vertically or horizontally by its unique design of 90 degree angle rotatable control panel for users’ ease-of-use.


Off Timer Function

This function allows PSB-2000 to preset automatic shut down time. The range of preset step time is from 10 minutes the minimum to 99 hours and 50 minutes the maximum.


External Control and Analog Control Function

The rear panel of the PSB-2000 series provides 26-Pin analog control connector and users can control output voltage and current value via external voltage or resistance. Furthermore, power supply’s output on and off or AC input shut down can also be executed through the external control connector. The designated pin of the port can be measured to monitor output voltage and current. The following diagrams illustrate several typical external control application connections. Please refer to product manual for more or detailed connection methods.

External Voltage Monitor of the output

External Voltage of the output


  • Output Volatge Rating:80V/800V
  • Output Power Rating:400W~800W
  • Constant Power Output for Multi-Range(V&I)Operation
  • Series and Parallel Operation(2 Units in Series or 4 Units in parallel Maximum)
  • Sequence function edited by PC will be controlled through power supply optional interface
  • Standard Interafce: RS-232C / USB / Analog Control Interface
  • Optional Interface: GPIB


Model Number PSB-2400L PSB-2800L PSB-2400L2 PSB-2400H PSB-2800H PSB-2800LS*
Channel Number 1 1 2 1 1 N/A
Voltage 0~80V  0~80V  0~80V x 2  0~800V  0~800V  80V
Current 0~40A 0~80A 0~40A x 2  0~3A 0~6A 80A
Output Power (Max.) 400W 800W 800W 400W 800W 800W
Multiple* of Power Rating 8 8 8 6 6 N/A
Regulation, CV mode
Load 0.01%± 3mV  of rating voltage 0.01%± 30mV  of rating voltage N/A
Line 0.01%± 2mV  of rating voltage 0.01%± 20mV  of rating voltage
Regulation, CC mode
Load 0.02%± 3mA  of rating current 0.05%± 15mA  of rating current N/A
Line 0.01%± 2mA  of rating current 0.05%± 10mA  of rating current
Ripple and Noise
CVpp 90mV 150mV 90mV 250mV 300mV N/A
CVrms 4mV 6mV 4mV 20mV 25mV
CCrms 30mA 60mA 30mA 15mA 20mA
Programming and Measurement Resolution
Voltage 10mV 100mV N/A
Current 10mA 10mA
Power 10W 10W
USB/RS232C Standard N/A
GPIB Optional


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