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GFC-8055G - 550 MHz, Digital Frequency Counter

550 MHz, Digital Frequency Counter

GW Instek

Category : Frequency Counters

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Quality Discontinued Clearance Product

550 MHz Freq Counter
Over-Flow Indicator
Low Pass Filter Function
10Hz Resolution with 10s gate time
15mVrms High Sensitivity


Form Factor Benchtop
Number of Channels 1 ch
Minimum Frequency, Ch. 1 1 Hz
Maximum Frequency, Ch. 1 550 MHz
Sensitivity, Channel 1 200 mVrms
Maximum Input Voltage, Ch. 1 150 V
Input Impedance, Ch.1 1 MOhm
Input Coupling, Ch 1 AC
Time base stability 5 /yr


Frequency Range 1Hz ~ 550MHz in 3 ranges
Sensitivity Input A: 10Hz ~ 60MHz<15mVrms. 60MHz ~ 100MHz<20mVrms
Input B: 80MHz ~ 100MHz<20mVrms. 100MHz ~ 350MHz<50mVrms
350MHz ~ 450MHz<100mVrms. 450MHz ~ 550MHz<200mVrms
Impedance 1MΩ//35PF & 50Ω
Max Input Voltage 150Vrms for 1MΩ, 5Vrms for 50Ω
Coupling System AC Coupling

Time Base

Oscillation Frequency 10MHz
Aging Rate ±1x10-6/ Mouth
Temp. Stability 25°C±5°C 5 x 10-6, 0°C ~ 50°C± 2 x 10-5


Accuracy ± (1 Digit + Time base accuracy)
Counting Capacity 8 Digit LED display (0.3")
Gate Time 0.1 sec, 1 sec, 10 sec switch selctable
Readout Hz or MHz with automatically positioned decimal point


100MHz Range 1Hz with 10 second gate time
550MHz Range 10Hz with 10 second gate time


Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature -10°C ~ +70°C
Power Source AC 100V, 120V, 220V, 240V±10% 50/60Hz
Accessories Test Lead GTL-101 x 1
Instruction Manual x 1
Dimensions & Weight 230(W) x 95(H) x 280(D)mm, Approx.1.7kg

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