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GW Instek launches the all new PEL-3032E Programmable Single-Channel Electronic Load.

GW Instek launches new the PEL-3032E programmable single-channel electronic load, which inherited from the PEL-3000E series. With the current sink capability of 300W (2.5V~500V/15A), the PEL-3032E features an easy-to-read LCD panel, user-friendly interface and high-speed and accurate measurement capability suitable for electronic components, batteries, portable chargers and power products that require low to medium power consumption.

The PEL-3032E provides powerful functions that are suitable for the measurement applications of various products, including chargers, adapters, various kinds of power units, and portable chargers that require the load capacity of greater than 60mA and less than 300 watts. With a high performance to price ratio, the PEL-3032E series will definitely draw a lot of attention from the market.

PEL-3032E - ( 500V/ 15A/ 300W ) Programmable Single-Channel DC Electronic Load

programmable single-channel electronic load. PEL-3031E provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) current sink capability.

$1,345 (USD)

programmable single-channel electronic load. PEL-3031E provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) current...

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